Where to Find Inspiration for Writing

Image by Fathromi Ramdlon from Pixabay

Coming up with ideas and inspiration for writing can come from anywhere. I’ve listed below 10 places inspiration can come from, including some which have helped me:

1. Life Experience

There’s nothing better than using your own life experiences to write a fiction novel or memoir, but it really depends if you want to use it, and how you use it. There could be tiny aspects dotted here and there in your writing or it could be a major influence.

2. People you meet

As with life experience, people you meet, be it family, work colleagues, friends, or simply people you observe when at the shops or on holiday can provide ideas for character building.

3. Books

Of the many books out there, reading other books are important to help establish a good writing quality but it may also help spark ideas for your own writing. I used to be an avid reader, but TV and film took over, but now that I am writing myself, I am challenging myself to read more. Think of story lines you have come across in books you’ve read, topics are repeated but each author has their own voice or twist to a story line, giving them individuality.

4. TV & Film

TV and film provide a big influence on me as a writer, like books, there are so many TV series and films to choose from and many will cover similar issues but by putting their stamp on them. There are no two people alike, and it’s the individual writing style that helps to keep your work and my work completely different.

5. Conversation/Overheard Conversation

A statement overhead in passing might be enough to give inspiration for an idea. All it takes is to be in the right place at the right time, but I do not mean to suggest that you start listening in to people’s conversations. The statement might even come from something someone tells you in conversation.

6. Nature

Probably one of the best sources of inspiration; nature. It provides so much scope for the imagination with the different landscapes, weather behaviour, natural disasters, animals, birds, marine life. I would say nature is one of the most endless sources of inspiration.

7. History

Like nature, I would say another source of endless inspiration. There are so many historical events to choose from. Wars, natural disasters, even the outbreak of Covid-19 is a part of history if you wanted to write about it.

8. Travel/Holidays

Visiting other places in the world may help you to gain understanding to other cultures enough to want to write about it. More research might be needed before writing, but going on holiday always leaves people feeling in a good mood, taking the stress away from daily life, and sometimes lifting the stress is enough to come up with a new idea.

9. Dreams

Ever woke up from a dream that felt so real? Write about it, turn it into a story.

10. Plot generators

If you’re really stuck for ideas, take to the internet for ideas and perhaps a plot generator might help. Sometimes an idea, comes from an idea.

If you would like to add any ideas to the above list, or have any thoughts on the above, please comment on social media.