What Do You Look For In A Novel? Mini Q&A

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


There are lots of different genres to choose from in the fiction category; romance, science fiction, crime, mystery, horror and action/adventure to name a few. Within these are various sub categories e.g. romance could be comedy, fantasy, suspense.

Q. What genre/s do I read?

A. I will pick a book from well known authors and new authors depending on what I’m in the mood for reading next. This could be from any of the genres previously mentioned, with the exception of horror. At the moment, I’ve just started a romance novel, unfortunately I’m not far enough into the book to comment on my thoughts just yet, so watch this space for a review.

Q. What makes me choose the book?

A. The blurb. I think the blurb is a very important factor in my choices for
reading, and I try not to analyse a book too critically when I read. All I look
for is something I expect I will enjoy. Something that captures my attention and ignites my imagination, that’s all I want.

Q. Have I ever stopped reading a book part way through?

A. Sometimes, but I don’t like doing this. I’m not the type of person who likes a lot of long and complicated words in novels; I find I spend more time figuring out what the words mean than involving myself in the storyline. Occasionally, I find books like the aforementioned and I simply give up, other times I maybe come across a novel which simply isn’t my cup of tea; but this is why I depend heavily on the blurb.

My questions for you:

1: Which genre/s do you prefer?

2: What draws you to a book when choosing your next read?

3: What do you find off-putting in books?

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