New Year Resolutions of a Writer

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It’s the start of a new year, and as I always wonder, where did the last one go? Here I go again with resolutions to accompany a fresh start, I’ve given up with my usual ideas surrounding healthy eating and fitness; instead vouching on promises I’m more likely to keep involving my writing. Mind you that’s what I always think, ask me at the end of the year how well I stuck to them.

My Resolutions:

Writing Time

You will see another blog on my website, “Writing While Parenting – Time Management”. At the time of writing that particular blog, I had a really good rhythm in place for my writing during my busy lifestyle of work, parenting and writing. I was setting the alarm to get up early to write before my little one would wake up, writing during nap times, and sometimes staying up late. Housework had to come first in between all that, and we all know, it’s never ending. Then, Christmas happened, getting organised with presents and cards on top of the above chores and responsibilities, my writing fell by the wayside completely. So as my first resolution, I am determined to fall back into the good rhythm I had going.

Writing/Family Life Balance

This one links with my first resolution. Although I want to get into a better rhythm for writing, I also want to make sure that I don’t let it take over the personal side to my life. Children are only little once, and I don’t want my writing goals to stand in the way of spending time playing. With the years going by as quick as they are, it won’t be long until independence kicks in, and I don’t want to look back on the here and now, and regret spending too much time focusing on writing.

Finish Editing Course

I purchased an online editing course in December, and my ambition to get published is making my patience thin. I’ve already started yet another final edit (other writers will be able to relate to that comment) prior to actually finishing the course. So, I must finish this course before I proceed any further with my manuscript editing.

Read More

In my teenage years and early twenties I could be found with a book in my hand, or constantly staring at my phone screen or Kindle, reading. Work life became busy and I took up new interests which kept me away from books. Sometimes chilling out to a TV series or film was an easier option than reading a book. Last year I rekindled (no pun intended) my love of books, and this year I hope to read many more, I’m aiming for at least two books per month. That may not sound like many to others, but it’s my personal goal.

Finish First Manuscript

Plain and simple, I need to finish the manuscript I am currently editing. It shouldn’t take much longer if I succeed with resolution number one.

Plan & Write Second Book

I’ve had a second book planned out in my head for several months, before I’d even finished the first draft of the one I’m currently working on. I’m desperately anxious to get to the stage where I can plan and start the first draft. I’m also aiming to complete this one by the end of the year.

Plan Third Book

Aiming high, I would love to get to planning stage for a third book.

Helping Others

Last year has been a real learning curve. I joined several Facebook groups aimed at writers, I’ve conversed via comments with some really helpful people. They’ve pointed out things about my writing that I overlooked, helped me to understand what I had misinterpreted, and posts by others gave me knowledge I never had. It’s still early days for me as a writer, and although I am still learning, I hope to continue to do my best to help other members of the groups as best I can. I feel it is my duty to ‘pay it forward’ after receiving so much assistance from others.

Building My Social Media Profiles

Tied in with the above, I have my author pages on Facebook and Twitter and I have been struggling to spend time posting to my timelines on a regular basis and socialising. As I mentioned in my blog post “Tips and Tools To Help A New Writer“, I do make use of a social media schedule app, which aids my daily posts, but of late, I have even been struggling with that. I would love to get better organised with my social media and spend more time connecting with others. It is called ‘social media’ after all.

Stricter Routine For My Weekly Blog

My blog posts are all about matters surrounding reading and writing. They might be tips which have helped me throughout my learning curve, or posts allowing any of my blog followers to get to know me better. I started posting blogs every Monday, and whilst I accidently missed a couple due to life getting in the way, I had been keeping up with my regime quite well until Christmas preparations got in the away.

If you’re still thinking of resolutions for this year, maybe my list will give you some inspiration, whether you are a writer or reader, or both. I haven’t set any specific targets and I’m not expecting to keep up with my list overnight, but I hope that when my routine falls back to a new normal, that I can sustain it.

Why not pop a comment on social media with any resolutions you have made, regardless of whether you are a writer or not.

Happy New Year folks.