Interview – Marissa Skyland


Marissa Skyland

Which country are you from?

United States of America

In which genre/s do you write?

Contemporary romance or romance suspense

Published or not?

Aspiring for publication

Publication method:


Published Works:

None yet

WIPs – What are you working on now?

A romantic suspense story

Why do you write?

The voices in my head want to be written down. There is a need within me to have my stories published and enjoyed by many.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

My tenth grade teacher who praised my writing. I carry her encouragement wherever I go.

Any writing related tips you would like to share?

Read, read, read other stories in the genre you write to get a better for that genre. Enjoy reading those stories, remember how you felt when you read a story you loved and incorporate those feelings when you write your own story. Make the reader feel what they read. Join writing groups. Buy books on grammar dos and don’ts.

Any advice for new writers?

Make your book great! Never give up.

Anything else you would like to share about your writing or writing process?

My writing journey has been a long one. For a while I stopped reading books all together letting work and life get in the way of my dream as a writer. A friend reintroduced me to a few authors she was reading. I became hooked once again realizing what I had been missing. I have since found the balance to include reading and writing in my life. Taking time to write something down everyday because it won’t happen if I don’t make it happen.

Tell us about any hobbies:

Love music. Can’t live without it. Enjoy photograpy and painting.

Any pets?

None at this time

Favourite music genre and/or artist?

No favorite. I enjoy all genres of music. For me it depends on the song and whether the song has the power to move me. Yes, all genres rock, pop, country, rap, classical, latin, celtic, heavy metal, soul, reggae, instrumental, hip hop, alternative and so many more.

Favourite TV series?

The Voice and Songland

Favourite food/meal?

Anything Chinese/Japanese

Favourite season?


What genre/s do you like to read?

Romantic suspense, contemporary romance, historical romance

What are you currently reading or what was the last book you read?

Hidden by Laura Griffin

Any book recommendations?

Life and other inconveniences by Kristan Higgins

Do you have a favourite author?

Beverly Barton, Laura Griffin and Kristan Higgins Can only choose three here but many more greats I have failed to mention and sorry for that

Anything else you would like to share about your personal life or interests?

I also enjoy a great movie

How can others connect with you?

Facebook or Twitter