Interview – Isla Dylan


Isla Dylan

Which country are you from?

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

In which genre/s do you write?

Romance. I hadn’t expected to write. My daughter was listening to music, and the lyrics made me wonder if the relationship the lyrics spoke of were real. After a few dozen times of hearing the song I couldn’t stop thinking about it and felt compelled to write a story. I read, A LOT, and most of what I read is erotic fiction, so there are some steamy scenes in the book that are adult in nature, but it’s probably too mild to be classed as erotic.

Published or not?


Publication method:


Published Works:

I’ll Always Hold Your Heart. – Published on Amazon Kindle.

WIPs – What are you working on now?

As I wrote my first novel, ideas popped into my head for other stories so I have a number that are two chapters long. But the one that seems to be calling to me to write more doesn’t yet have a name.
It is another Romance novel but I think it will lean more towards erotic romance this time. It tells the story of a thirty year old hotel chain owner who and a twenty six year old travel writer. Neither feel complete and are hiding from their lives in their work. They could be just what the other needs in order to lead whole and happy lives.

Why do you write?

As I explained earlier I never expected to write. It isn’t something I saw myself doing. But my first book seemed to write itself. It was if the book was inside me and all I needed to do was put it onto paper.
What I didn’t expect was to fall in love with the process of writing. I did though! I absolutely love it. Being able to see your characters come to life and evolve.
It’s kind of like playing a role play game or watching a reality TV series, but you get to decide what happens to all your characters.
I have certainly caught the writing bug and will be creating lots more.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Music. I can be listening to a song and here a line that makes me think of my character and how it would affect them.
I keep a notebook with me all the time so that if I hear or see something, I can make a note.
For example in my current work in progress, I heard the song ‘I Lived’ by One Republic and it inspired me to have my female character be grieving the loss of her childhood friend. She doesn’t want to stop her nomadic lifestyle because she wants to ensure that she can say that she has lived!

Any writing related tips you would like to share?

I don’t have any real writing tips as I am so new to this, but I will say, don’t give up. There were a few times that I wanted to delete and start over, but I am glad I didn’t. If it isn’t feeling right. Save a copy and start again as there may be bits you can copy and paste later.

Any advice for new writers?

Don’t give up. Always keep a note pad and pen near by as you can never tell when inspiration can hit. Good luck, you can do it!

Tell us about any hobbies?

I took up pottery twelve weeks ago and I love it.
I have social anxiety (Much like my female main chapter in I’ll Always Hold My Heart) and quit my job after lockdown as I didn’t feel I could go back to an office environment.
Learning pottery has helped me get back out into social situations whilst giving me something to focus on.
Everyone that knows me has now been given various misshapen pots and cups, but hopefully they are improving lol.

Any pets?

We don’t have pets, but we are care providers for hedgehogs that can’t be released into the wild due to disabilities. We have had a fair few pass through over the past two years, but at the moment we have one. His name is Lord Phlemington and he was born with a pug nose, which is a genetic mutation so he cannot be released.

Favourite music genre and/or artist?

Wow so many. I have very eclectic taste in music. In my youth I was totally mad boy band fan with my favourite being Boyzone! I madly followed then and waited outside venues for hours at a time. (I may have also travelled all over the UK in 2018 to see them four times on the farewell tour). This is probably the reason why my male lead character is in a boyband!
These days, I love Imagine Dragons. Keith Urban, George Ezra. The 1975 and Walk The Moon to name a few.
I enjoy going to gigs and have missed live music during lockdown, but have Ronan Keating, Imagine Dragons and Placebo to look forward to this year.

Favourite TV series?

This is difficult as I don’t watch my TV any more. The kids tend to control the TV, so I end up reading instead.
In the past The O.C, Gilmore Girls and Sex Education have been series that I have found myself wanting to watch over and over again.

Favourite food/meal?

Pizza, double decadence from Domino’s to be precise!

Favourite season?

Winter. I love the snow. I only wish we had more of it here in England.

What genre/s do you like to read?

Romance. Erotic Romance. New Adult. Romantic Comedy. Comedy.

What are you currently reading or what was the last book you read?

I am currently reading Filthy. A Five Points Mob Connection for a book club. But the last book I read for me Our Way by T L Swan.

Any book recommendations?

The three I always recommend as my favourites are:

The After Series by Anna Todd. I fell in love with the characters and each book made me cry.

The This Man Series by Jodie Ellen Malpas. I love these books. Such a strong connection and I love her way of writing. I can’t wait for the film.

The Fifty Shades series by E. L. James. I know people don’t rate it as a book, but I love the email exchanges and the way the characters sign off. It changes each time and it was so nice to see a tiny detail give you so much insight into their character development.

Do you have a favourite author?

Jodie Ellen Malpas. I have read all of her work.
I love her way of writing. The swearing is just so British and there is an underlying humor to her work.
Thoroughly recommend her if you haven’t tried her books before.

How can others connect with you?

I am new to social media so you’ll have to be patient with me as I learn how to navigate it all, but I am trying and I would love to connect with as many people as possible.

I’m on Instagram as @isla.dylan. Install the app to follow my photos and videos.