Favourite Places To Read

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

We all have our preferences with regards to printed books, e-books and audio books, but when reading or listening to a book, where is your favourite spot? I’ve listed below fourteen ideas of places to read, get in touch with your favourite.

1. Library

Perhaps the peace provided in a library is your chosen location to lose yourself in the book you have chosen?

2. Armchair or Sofa

Chill out time with a book on your favourite armchair or spot on the sofa. Maybe you like to pop up a recliner chair in front of the fire on a winter’s day?

3. Bed

Is reading a book the perfect wind down time before switching off the light at the end of the day? Or maybe you like to read in the morning before you start your day.

4. Bath

Perhaps your perfect time to read or listen to an audiobook, is the time you enjoy a soak in the bath after a long and stressful day?

5. Dining Table

Does sitting at a kitchen/dining table work best for you? Allowing the ability to rest the book or e-reader on the table and have the support of a hard backed chair.

6. Garden

Sunny day and garden of your own – is this your ideal spot to read?

7. Park

If you don’t have a garden of your own, perhaps a trip to the park is where you like to go to read?

8. Beach

Is your ideal location the beach? Reading a book with the sound of the waves crashing or gently lapping in the background.

9. Housework

Perhaps you like to make housework feel less laborious by listening to an audiobook while doing the jobs everyone hates

10. Out for a Walk

Audio book while enjoying a walk?

11. Gym

Does listening to an audiobook help you gain maximum performance on gym equipment, helping take your mind off how many reps or distance you have left to achieve your performance goals?

12. Work

Do you like to read during the half an hour, or hour lunch break you get? Does it give you enough time to squeeze in a chapter or two to find out what happens next?

13. Public Transport

Long journey home from work on public transport, maybe you like to read a book (or listen) on your way home.

14. Car

Do you like to drive to your favourite spot to park up, and sit in the car to read? As a passenger, maybe you like to read when in the car for long journeys.

I read printed book and e-books. I prefer e-books because they are easy to pick up on any device you use. Where I like to read, I tend to read most in bed before I switch off, but with an e-book, I can take it with me and squeeze in a few minutes here and there. It depends on the book I’m reading and whether it is easy to pick up and put down, or whether it requires concentration and time to involve yourself in what’s going on.

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