Christmas Romance Novels – A List To Inspire Your Next Read

Image by Ylanite Koppens from Pixabay

There’s something about the Christmas holiday season that makes everything seem that extra bit special. Christmas helps us to appreciate the things we have in our lives, the little things like our family, friends, homes, and food on our tables. (And I must say, the events of this year amplifies that appreciation.)

You could even say there is something about the season that makes it all the more romantic. The gesture of keeping someone warm when out on a date, the fluffy snow, an open fire roaring on a cold winter day, the decorations and lights adding to the atmosphere.

We all have our ideas of the perfect date night, maybe we have one set idea and maybe there are several things that would make a date night special. Reading books and watching movies with dates during the Christmas holiday season usually portray a romantic dinner, a walk in the dark with only the stars or streetlights to light the way, one person providing their jacket to keep the other warm and ending with that special kiss. Sounds romantic doesn’t it? It would be romantic at any time of year, but there’s something about that scenario at Christmas which heightens the romance.

I honestly can’t think of any books I have read solely based around the Christmas holiday season, but I’ve looked some up to share with you. I will have to add some of these to my list of books to read as well. I’ve included a link to each suggestion on Goodreads website so you can read more about them. Once you have had a look through the list, see if there are any you know of that you could share with us via comments on social media.

2 – “A Perfect Cornish Christmas” by Phillipa Ashley

3 – “Christmas at Fireside Cabins” by Jenny Hale

4 – “The Clause in Christmas” by Rachael Bloome

5 – “Christmas at the Island Hotel” by Jenny Colgan

6 – “The Christmas Sisters” by Sarah Morgan

7 – “Christmas at Mistletoe Cove” by Holly Martin

8 – “A Very Vintage Christmas” by Tilly Tennant

9 – “Dreaming of Christmas” by T.A. Williams

10 – “A Warm Heart in Winter” by J.R. Ward

11 – “Christmas at Lock Keeper’s Cottage” by Lucy Coleman

12 – “The Little Christmas Teashop of Second Chances” by Donna Ashcroft

13 – “Christmas Shopaholic” by Sophie Kinsella

14 – “One Family Christmas” by Bella Osborne

15 – “A Mrs Miracle Christmas” by Debbie Macomber

16 – “The French for Christmas” by Fiona Valpy

17 – “Christmas with the Ops Room Girls” by Vicki Beeby

18 – “Christmas to the Rescue!” by Anne Chase

19 – “Christmas at the Little Knitting Box” by Helen J Rolfe

20 – “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day” by Milly Johnson

21 – “Rag and Bone Christmas” by Dilly Court  

22 – “One Wish in Manhattan” by Mandy Baggot

23 – “Christmas at Carly’s Cupcakes” by Jessica Redland

24 – “The Christmas Wish List” by Heidi Swan

25 – “The Christmas Party” by Karen Swan