About Me & My Blog

Short Bio:

To point out the obvious, my name is Amy Jewell. “Hi folks and thanks for visiting my website!”

I’m in my 30’s, work part time and spend my spare time with my toddler (and the rest of my family) and pursuing my hobbies.

Asides from a passion of writing, I love photography, nature and sewing.

I live in the UK, in an area of outstanding natural beauty, which provides plenty of scope for the imagination, and scenery any photographer would go wild for. 

What to Expect from My Blog:

I will be blogging on topics including fiction, daily life and voicing my opinions on various matters. At times there will also be posts keeping you up to date with progress on my writing. 

I would like to hear your thoughts on any of my blogs, so please get in touch on my contact page, or on my social media pages.